Best Operations and Maintenance Services for Companies in Dubai

Every building, either residential or industrial, requires maintenance and smooth day to day operations. For this purpose, a building administrator requires more support from experts who can provide smooth maintenance services regarding general operations like security, parking, electricity, plumbing, or mechanical operations management. A credible maintenance and operation service company can handle complaints and requests by the tenants and owners well. Whenever there is any issue in the building regarding plumbing, mechanics, or electricity, it becomes difficult for the building administrator to find a handyman. Instead, building management can hire a maintenance company for the long term to look after complaints, repairs, and smooth operations. Below we can discuss the benefits you can get if you hire a professional maintenance company for your setup

Fixed rates

Within Dubai, there are hundreds of companies offering their services for operations and maintenance. The prices vary from company to company. It requires a lot of time and energy to search for a worthy company and negotiate a price with them every time you need their services. It is much efficient that you make a deal with a reliable company one time and negotiate the final price with them for all the services that you require occasionally. It saves a lot of time and energy. Whenever there is an issue, any tenant can call the firm and call handyman without negotiating price all over again.

Flexible services

Every time you do not need to require the same type of service from the maintenance corporation. Hiring a maintenance company on a contractual basis can help you in finding a tailored solution for your requirements. Your tenants and landowners can trust the firm regarding all types of maintenance solutions they could require. All you have to do is listen to the issue of the tenant and contact the corporation’s representative, and then they sent the most suitable handyman for the solution.

Time management is evident that hiring a company on a contractual basis helps you save much time concerning finding a new expert or negotiating a price with them as per the requirement. All you have to do is while selecting a company for the maintenance and operation service, make a list of all the leading companies operating in Dubai, shortlist them after having one to one meeting with each company. The next step is to finalize one establishment after negotiating the price and the time frame in which they will serve you. Once you sign the contract, then you do not have to worry about the maintenance and operations of your building.


If we compare services provided by an individual or a professional company, it is known that a company can serve way better than an individual because the handyman work with the company is trained properly. They work in an organized environment to provide consistent quality every time. Their main objective is to retain the customer and satisfy them with tailored service quality.

While maintenance of facility management can become more efficient by integrated facility management service with automated work. Here we can discuss the services they can manage with automated work:

A centralized web portal

To have smooth communication and a natural approach to all the team members, all large or midsize firms have to have a centralized web portal system. It helps them communicate appropriately without any trouble. All emails are copied to HR and administrator so that there is no ambiguity regarding the client’s requirement. Secondly, the daily tasks of each employee can be posted on web portals to analyze the team efficiency level by the top management. A centralized web portal is a must-have for all types of facility management companies who require smooth integrated operations and maintenance systems.

Issuing requests

In this web portal, team leaders can discuss any new project with the top management and update it daily. Management can provide authorization about the projects to respect the progress of the projected team regarding any specific project. Otherwise, they have to wait for approval by the authorities, and this could lead to an unhappy client because these tasks need to be handled right away without any delays.

Communication with the contractors and vendors

The facility managers or team leaders can communicate with the vendors or contractors with the help of this web portal. They can also get a clearance pass by the facility manager on the premises if the information is provided to the manager earlier. The portal link should be shared with the vendor through which they can discuss the issues and send the request as soon as possible.


The facility manager in operation and maintenance service providing company can report all types of safety incidents through a form. This form should be responsive to pc screens or mobile screens. It helps the workflow management system to work smoothly and effectively for the whole team. It facilitates them working quickly and respond efficiently to the reports issued by the managers. Likewise, having a fully automated workflow management system within a facility management company can accommodate a smooth integrated operational system. It can provide tailored solutions for clients. It helps in better communication with the vendors and contractors.

Most suitable operations and maintenance service providing company in Dubai 

IREP is a leading company working within Dubai and the outskirts for a long time. They have a vast clientage and they work with the clients on a contractual basis. IREP works with a fully automated workflow management system. Their main objective is to provide customized maintenance solutions for the clients without any hassle. Their primary purpose is to satisfy the client and retain the client for the long term. The automated system helps them to work with minimum errors and more efficiency at the workplace. IREP can work for either industrial or residential buildings.






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